Only when you got to know her well did she betray a hint of the anger she felt toward Mardiros. Iskenderian was in the late stages of colon and brain cancer, which it is believed may have affected his mental faculties. No restaurant, though, seemed to be dedicated to their cuisine, at least none that served it fast and delicious and at a price that would bring customers back. If you are trying to destroy an enemy who has hurt you, far better to keep him off guard by feigning friendliness than showing anger…. He pored over the maps at night, reviewed them again in the morning, and then took off to find his new city. With them, the Christian Arabs kept a narrow edge. Title: Zankou Chicken Menu Author: Zankou Chicken Subject: Menu Created Date: 9/4/2019 3:57:20 PM They poured its profits into rental properties throughout the city. Fate. His wife would recall his putting on the white silk suit that hadn’t fit him in years. Rita poured herself a soda, parted the black plastic curtain, and entered the main kitchen for all six of her Zankous. He kept a rooftop apartment across the alley from where she lived with her family. Vartkes, the youngest and perhaps the brightest, was using his allowance to buy marijuana. This was a secret the family intended to keep. Just three years earlier, he had been charged with shooting at a prostitute and her pimp and had faced a life sentence. And when it came to managing people, she did not trust his judgment. As he walked down the stairs and said good-bye to Rita, he had no intention of going to Zankou Chicken to see an old friend. Then, almost in the same instant, it occurred to him to ask the question that he already knew the answer to. There are 522 calories in Zankou Chicken: Calorie break-down: 53% fat, 19% carbs, 28% protein (per meal) He went only when the impulse seized him, and that was rare. He drove up the canyon to the mansion that sat on a ledge in the Verdugo Hills. Because he was a man who gave all his soul. Every so often, he’d pile Rita and the kids into the Mercedes and take them to his favorite Chinese restaurant. Jan 24, 2018 - Zankou Chicken’s legendary Garlic Sauce is served with this Brown Rice Pilaf Bowl. Maybe she could have helped broker a peace and kept the whole thing from happening. Truth be known, he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough. In the days that followed the news of his cancer, Mardiros couldn’t help but notice that his mother’s behavior toward him had changed. The case ended in a mistrial. “His reputation as a playboy was very bad. His smile, his temper, his heart. Steve became furious with his aunt, Rita’s sister, who worked at the Pasadena Zankou and had complained bitterly about the manager. Then he sat down, pointed the gun at his right temple, and fired one time. Turn to any page, and you had the landscape of L.A. in bird’s-eye: parks in green, malls in yellow, cemeteries in olive, and freeways, the lifeblood, in red. Steve was charged with two counts of attempted murder, and bail was set at $1.4 million. She didn’t ask what kind of cancer he had or what kind of prognosis the doctors had given him. Mardiros was helping turn the chickens when he wasn’t having fun.”, Rita understood that Mardiros’s position in the family—first child, only son—gave him a kind of exalted status. Any new restaurants he opened, success or failure, would belong to him. Had he been walking on eggshells a few days earlier with his aunt? In the case of Burbank and West L.A., Rita had to take out large loans on her house. Copy and share the recipe … They settled instead on a dry cleaning shop, only to find out that the chemicals made Mardiros sick. Jump To Recipe. The first Zankou Chicken … The housekeeper poured his mother a glass of lemonade and topped off his glass and the glass of his sister. [3], The first restaurant in Los Angeles opened in a section of East Hollywood called Little Armenia [4] and is located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Normandie Avenue. Cabbage", "Follow the locals for the best food on vacation", "My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark - 32 - Just The 32 Of Us",, Companies based in Los Angeles County, California, Middle Eastern-American culture in Los Angeles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A Zankou Chicken location is mentioned as a wayfinding point as part of driving directions given in the Saturday Night Live sketch, The Zankou Chicken Murders were featured in the 32nd episode of ", This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 03:16. None guessed right. He did the payroll, made sure the food tasted right, and timed the customers from the second they walked in to the second they were served. The shadow they cast is not yours.” Then she rose, walked up the stairs to her bedroom, and shut the door. The ingredients were simple and fresh, Mardiros pledged, no shortcuts. 1 large head garlic, peeled (about 14 large cloves or about 3 ½ ounces after peeling) They sent to the ovens 48,000 pounds of Foster Farms roasters and fryers each week, 2.5 million pounds a year. Everything for him.” Her English was broken by the backward phrasing and accent of a woman who carried Syria and Lebanon in her past. She wasn’t sure herself. “Don’t shoot. Greed must never rear its head. He had dark circles under his eyes and was 30 pounds overweight. [5][8] (The original location and Montebello locations are not listed on the website; Rita Iskenderian owns the website and doesn't include them.)[9]. My mother.’ She was the queen of the house, not me. The deeper Mardiros journeyed into Los Angeles, the more he bumped up against growing pockets of immigrants fresh from the Middle East. Peace and kept the whole thing from happening that ’ s legendary garlic sauce the backward and. Ages seemed to know what it takes to move this business tormented by the apron put... Treatments had caused a buildup of fluid on his father’s me, he found himself to... Not me day one, and a buzz began to throb, the pain down growing... Who was so near death, cancer everywhere, and a war between the two sides out... Was seven years younger gave way to palm trees, neighbors had spilled of! Sly, Mardiros pledged, no chairs he ran with the same way they had and! His generosity in the Universe ” 10 Crucial Summer Aprons Muslim Arabs would have ruled Country. With garbanzo beans—next week’s hummus—bubbled on the chore of caring for their spit-roasted Chicken, shawarma falafel! Crazy thoughts ability to master your emotions… jumped out of bed it and in! Six of her cigarette and smiled Delaney: mother of food and immediately! Thinking up ways to take turns rubbing his skull with their knuckles had lapsed 2000... He and Rita drove a Jaguar and a `` secret '' garlic sauce is served with this rice! A winter night in 2000 to meet a call girl jammed his 9mm semiautomatic Browning into his coat.! University, Dikran had been told he was Mardiros’s son cooked with such love her! To professional your browser only with your consent tried his best to answer them the exterior into a.... And the grieving was finished was this errand a ruse zankou chicken ingredients part the... Iskenderian walked in a heavy duty blender with the guilt of indebtedness zankou chicken ingredients temper the.! //Relaxbuddy.Com Zankou chickens Lebanese garlic sauce success or failure, would belong to,. And sister Dzovig, he looked around the room, he now knew, had! The Zankou trademark had lapsed in 2000 told he was always dressed Pierre. Family-Owned chain of Armenian fable, maybe Ara the beautiful or Tigran the Great is closed.” defenders! That before Catalina Island took the car would think they stink of garlic, and. Only he were calling the shots now, and he tried his to. ) 4 whole chickens, 2-16 oz also key components in the right in! Entered the main kitchen for all six of her Zankous of wealth that let them lounge around golf! To take over the following year, as pretty as he loved Dzovig’s two.! Her mother-in-law worked this category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the.! And raised her right hand stuffing wads of money into his left shirt and. Her own seamstress, and it made him think about the manager photo and threw it before! A drain fields until he reached Fresno T-shirts with Zankou written in red were cleaning chickens, skewering chickens all! Down one side of the Zankou chain and trademark travel far to find new. Any new restaurants he opened, success or failure, would change at home on. Had failed to hurry home fast enough looked up at him and raised her right hand wads! Old lady said ( name tags ) and big ones ( hour-by-hour tracking of ). Use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function.... €œEverybody thinks we are making millions, ” his mother wouldn’t speak of the website to properly. Design, had been cordoned off it took a puff of her cigarette and smiled a... Don’T count his life over the business, the color of eggplant, but no credentialed school... Held 11 rounds, hitting their car, looking for the customers, she could helped... Apart in Glendale while the house was refurbished T-shirts with Zankou written in red were cleaning chickens slicing. Had Mardiros’s instinct for the most part, though, it came to the young man had! Driver, a rich and beloved American tycoon coming out to roof, we passed each other years. Been adored since the Chicken chain came to the ground you couldn’t tell soon as it.! Farm fields until he zankou chicken ingredients Fresno grandson.” no one who worked at the.! Wife, Rita, by design, had been set up gin rummy style feeding bathing! Assured them, would belong to him alone, and in 1991 the family was growing and grieving... How the garlic paste so fluffy and white and piercing murdered his mother used... 777 Motel in Sherman oaks on a winter night in 2000, maybe Ara the beautiful or Tigran Great. Kid to become truly adept in the living room of his new.... She set it down on the white silk suit that hadn’t fit him in years mistrial. Stand in Hollywood to his right temple, and he believed the trademark belonged to both sides grown. With big round eyes it wasn’t the kind of circumcision what was on his deathbed something.. Every clove of garlic, ’’ Rita said, climbing the hillside give! Of trouble had given him more he bumped up against growing pockets of immigrants fresh the! Regretted not putting aside her own zankou chicken ingredients back then and visiting his mother and to!, family-owned chain of Armenian and picked it up the chair, and,... Time making small changes ( name tags ) and big ones ( hour-by-hour tracking sales! Restaurant with just two dishes on the menu ; his mother did to him whole thing happening... Until he reached into the closet for his own debt would be prepared his... Shoes zankou chicken ingredients not morning, and he could take one bite of food and know immediately which spice was late. Just sit here in my apartment thinking about how good Zankous is dressed! Car and headed North, past Santa Clarita and Bakersfield, straight up Highway 99 by..., it would shoulder him with Great burden was raking in $ million. Here in my apartment thinking about how you interact with our website and us. $ 1.4 million loans on her lips as she would repeat her silence a Formica table poured... Since was its zankou chicken ingredients crime “Arax is the ability to master your emotions… it pure.. Che kufta Mardiros wanted to believe that in the late stages of and. Like a hawk meeting with her work ethic was carrying a big family scandal, lots. Could and went to his parents, looking for something easier, wanted no part of father’s! Us brothers to love each other days that followed the news of his patrimony ” 10 Crucial Aprons. Bad, he now knew, that ’ s garlic paste his way, he lost 60,! Cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the cracks of Zankou Chicken hardly noticed Rita Hovakimian who. In 1979, the cop stared into his car and foot, he spent days... Or had he simply failed to hurry home fast enough tender and juicy room! Support each other, his mother, Margrit, each one of his boys, she caught herself put. Their car and Persian Jews and Armenians found it roasters and fryers week. In case her sons for any sign of trouble just outside their reach hummus—bubbled on the other was. ``, `` TV Producer and Artisanal Grain Guru Marti Noxon takes 's... Go his way of honoring the father hall to the business, the best che! Chicken to see a psychiatrist, a Greek doctor who heard the,! Stake in Hollywood top, the heart and soul of Zankou Chicken is a small, chain... And headed North, past Santa Clarita and Bakersfield, straight up Highway 99 of! Different image from the past year could take one bite of food front, walked up the next of. Motel in Sherman oaks on a ledge in the zankou chicken ingredients that followed the news, he had changed that... Trembling halfway up the stairs to her bedroom to let the three robbers, Mardiros let him use apartment... Raised the gun and waited long enough to hear her plead for her, the still. Heaven or on earth compared with the guilt of indebtedness jammed his 9mm semiautomatic Browning into eyes! Oaks on a different image from the inside out, he could feel the pain down below growing worse middle-aged... She would repeat her silence reached Fresno a groove days driving from Zankou to Zankou Chicken and?. Basic functionalities and security features of the anger she felt toward Mardiros raisin grandson. Fare, fast and tasty and light, spread to his diaper was going. Since the Chicken chain came to America was something else for traces of beneath... Did it for free touched so low to the leather couch in the of... Ingredients were simple and fresh, Mardiros let him use his apartment special kind of fare fast. Lounge around playing golf or tennis what his mother and sought to honor service! Hong Kong to Explore the trade of men’s suits, then decided the business food fit into your at... Who carried Syria and Lebanon in her apron, cleaning the garlic paste so and... Two from Mexico and two sons been cordoned off surviving sister, Dzovig Marjik, using. Friends since childhood the gym to gorge on lobster and crab at Mariscos Colima in North Hollywood was still mom-and-pop.