Which Bike? Showcasing some of New Zealand’s most amazing landscapes, our 22 Great Rides are also an exciting and environmentally sustainable way to reach must-see sights and activities. The Great Divide Trail sits is a one mile non-motorized trail through a negihborhood at the northern tip of Joliet, Illinois. From the airport there are a few options to get to Banff. Great Divide Trail Facts and Stats: The first record of the Great Divide Trail appears in 1966, proposed by the Girl Guides of Canada. Ovando - more dogs than people and home to the best sandwiches on the Great Divide Trail. June 6 was a rough day. Highlights include the Flathead Valley in Alberta, Grand Teton National Park, the Great Divide Basin in Wyoming, South Park, Boreas Pass in Colorado, Polvadera Mesa, and the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. Photo by Elizabeth Morton. Reliable food and water sources on some portions of the route are over 100 miles (160 km) apart. Add to or improve this map // Place this map on your website. Towns might be closed (Atlantic City and Pie Town were both closed down for us), important creeks for water might be dry, and you will be climbing a lot, even if it doesnt say it. A big thank you to all the riders who submitted your photos and information. During our travels we woke up with frost on our tent a few times. Its remoteness equates with spectacular terrain and scenery. The world’s longest mountain bike route zigzags 2,490 miles (4,007 kilometers) along the Continental Divide from the Canadian border near Eureka, Montana, to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Packing a water filter is highly recommended. Some of them are truly magical. In 2019 my wife Elaine and I hiked the Great Divide Trail from close to the U.S/Canada border to Kakwa Lake in British Columbia. Great Divide Cyclery | Bike Fittings & Demo Bikes The Right Fit When it comes to enjoying the sport of cycling, no single factor is more important than being fit to your bike correctly. Women: Eszter Horanyi – 19:03:35, Men: Mike Hall – 14:11:55 View All Features. Login or Sign Up. Colorado’s Indiana Pass, at 11,910 feet (3630 meters), is the highest point on the route. We were unable to start at the exact Waterton National Park border due to the massive 2017 forest fire that closed the trail in this area (as of June 2020, this section is now open to hiking). 1) Union Pass / Fish Lake. I didn't even see a single bear on my trip. Great Divide Bike Path is a 8 km less popular white paved path trail located near Lake Louise Alberta. Added High Rockies Trail-North, west side of the Spray River, Added new route through Butte including singletrack on “Big Butte”. At elevation, the weather can switch in the blink of an eye. Otherwise, it’s the occasional small town, with a limited variety of goods and services available to riders. Women: Alice Drobna (SS) – 22:06:36, Men: Josh Kato – 14:11:37 Great Divide Mountainbike Route Ich finde zwar etliche Berichte bei crazyguyonabike , mir fällt es aber als "europäisch geprägter" Reiseradler schwer die Situation dort einzuschätzen. The Tetons, from the road to Jackson Hole. Most of the ride is on doubletrack forest roads, with rare technical bits and a smattering of asphalt. Tips on what to take as you ride the Great Divide. Great Divide Trail Notes: Nice bike for this ride. Learn More, As important as it is to have a reliable bike and pack as light as you can, choosing the right route is perhaps the key to your enjoyment. The Bicycle Frame. Wallaby Track. It could have changed by now, but look for piled up rocks and a stick with a bright colored tip. Camping & Lodging. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 22 Great Rides Download Map. The information found herein is simply a planning resource to be used as a point of inspiration in conjunction with your own due-diligence. Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance. The only things that broke were the racks, which is a pretty good case for using a soft bag setup on such a route. GDMBR Map the world’s longest wilderness ride plan your tour Great Divide Route Map Total Distance: 2,715 miles/ 4,363 kilometers Total Ascent: 161,917 feet/ 4,363 meters stay on track Navigate the GDMBR Maps Not essential, but the extra route details and background information will make your GDMBR tour more rewarding. For that reason, it is much less travelled and not always signed. Their tires of choice were Maxis Ardents 2.3” set up tubeless. After much research, we decided that a mid August departure date would be close to ideal. Simply put, bikepacking is the synthesis of mountain biking and minimalist camping; it evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking, with the range and thrill of riding a mountain bike. Women: Marketa Peggy Marvanova – 22:18:04, Jay Petervary – 2011 – 17:09:01 The race, which has neither entry fees nor prizes, usually starts in the second weekend of June. Women: Sara Dallman – 22:19:05, Men: Jefe Branham – 16:02:39 Jay Petervary – 2012 – 15:16:04 Originally published in the March/April 2009 edition of National Geographic Adventure magazine, « Previous: Climb Grand TetonNext: Kayak Lake Yellowstone », https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/features/best-trips/best-american-adventures/bike-continental-divide-trail.html. The very name “Great Divide Trail” is a bit of a misnomer, implying a walk on a cleared two-foot-wide strip of dirt. A 29+ bike may be ideal, although some sections the extra fat could definitely slow you down. The Bicycle Frame Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the route. From there, you have the choice of two airports. I would not let this scare you too much. It is HIGHLY recommended to stay the night there. Travel The Great Trail of Canada Your Way Whether you are looking for a place to hike, cycle, paddle, ride, cross-country ski or snowmobile, you can find an experience that resonates with you. The descent towards Radium. I was so slow that Marco was asleep by the time I got to our meeting point. Matt and Brett both rode nearly identical Surly Ogres, equipped with XT/SLX drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Ran into a guy last week at our local LBS who has done Great Divide (twice), Colorado Trail and AZ Trail events. It was tirelessly mapped over a 4 year span, and published in 1998 by Adventure Cycling Association, North America's premiere bicycle travel organization. 1 Minute Read Great Divide Bike Path Trail map . If you are planning to go a long way on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, you will depend a great deal on your gear. But always pack more food and water than you think you’ll need. Completed in 1997, the GDMBR was developed by Adventure Cycling Association, who continue to maintain highly detailed route maps and a guidebook. Wir waren zwar auch schon außereuropäisch mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs (Nordindien, Ostanatolien, Oman), allerdings haben wir großen Respekt vor den Entfernungen und der Versorgungslage entlang dieser … He was getting his Salsa bike-packing bike with Jones H Bar (loop model) converted back into a regular trail bike. The chances that bears will cause you any problems are very slim. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/.../bike-continental-divide-trail A couple notable stretches void of supplies include the Flathead Valley, Great Basin, and Polvadera Mesa. The fourth issue of The Bikepacking Journal hit mailboxes this spring. This multi-day ride consists of dirt roads and steep mountain passes that cover over 200,000 feet in elevation gain. We rode on fully rigid rigs and were wished we had front suspension or a thud buster seatpost most of the ride… especially in New Mexico. To avoid an extra 200 mile ride to the airport, it is best to secure a pickup from a shuttle service. Part of the Goldfields Track. The Great Divide Trail under Mount Assiniboine in Banff National Park. Like any through-hike, the Great Divide Trail requires careful planning and navigation skills. Once you arrive in Antelope Wells, instead of a grand finish line, you’ll be met with an anticlimactic border fence. donate to earn trail karma! Brush Mountain Lodge is also a must. Club Sponsor-Local Bike Shop. Fly from El Paso, TX (ELP) or Tuscon, AZ (TUS). For the latest Tour Divide GPX data from TopoFusion, to support us & get The Bikepacking Journal, Adventure Cycling Association’s GDMBR mapset, Adventure Cycling Association’s updated Addenda. Tip: The roads in New Mexico are the most primitive and washboarded of the whole route. You must login to ... More Stats for Great Divide Mountain Bike Route mountain bike route. Local Trail Association. Banff is approximately 80 miles (125 km) west of Calgary. We would read ahead to get a good idea of what was in store for us. Unfortunatley, carbon fiber bikes don'e have lever seat clamps, but a clamp that is fastened with a tool. Temporary ACA Route Road Closures forum thread for more up to date issues. A quick guide to getting the right bike to tackle the rough conditions of the GDMBR. There are few services such as bike shops, outdoor stores, hospitals, and commercial accommodations available on the route. Also, take advantage of the cyclist only lodging listed on the map as much as possible. Decidedly not for sprinters, this battle royale braves mountain passes and windswept valleys of the Continental Divide from hinterlands of the Canadian Rockies to badlands of the Mexican Plateau. The best way to get to Banff is to fly into the Calgary International Airport (YYC). Southern Downs and Tenterfield make up the beautiful country featured in the ‘Ride the Great Divide’ cycling website. Add a video. That eliminates the need to schlep a heavy larder or to arrange complicated food drops. Anyone attempting the GDT should have experience in bushwhacking and navigation, as well as be ready for snow, rain, and fording rivers. Careful selection of equipment will pay off during the trip. I would have hated a 26er. Connie & Mike, the owners of the motel let me stay in the lobby for a bit. Instead, this trail delivers so much more; part wilderness, part rugged equestrian and game trail, and yes, part hiking trail. Great Divide Bike Path videos. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is a dirt route from Canada to Mexico. Cyclists dream of and plan for this life-list trip that starts in Banff, Alberta and rolls through 2,745 miles of wild mountainous beauty all the way to antelope Wells, New Mexico. The route follows the Continental Divide and is 90% off-pavement using high-quality dirt roads, gravel roads, trails, and a few short sections of unmaintained tracks. There are plenty of primitive camping sites along the route. get maps GPS Tracks […] We also shipped our bikes via Amtrak… cheap and easy to pack. This allowed us the freedom to choose a starting point own and travel at our leisure. Its southern terminus is in Waterton Lakes National Park at the Canada–US border and its northern terminus is at Kakwa Lake in Kakwa Provincial Park, north of Jasper National Park. Die Route folgte dem Höhenkamm der Rocky Mountains auf 90 % Schotterwegen und Trails bis in Höhen von fast 4000 Metern. The triple crown taught me a lot and I want to share that knowledge with others. We usually rode the original route but a few times we had to either make up time and take a paved alternate or create our own alternate to avoid impassible sections that resulted from monsoon rains. Easy: 20%. 2 X Jersey – one Polo, one ventilated riding jersey, Sleeping Bag: Enlightened Equipment Revelation Pro 850 Drydown Quilt, Sinewaves Revolution USB Dynamo Charging Device, Kindle – with Cycling the Great Divide Guidebook by Michael McCoy, Racks: I’d highly recommend Tubus or Racktime, Additional: 2 Seal Line Nimbus Stuff Sacks. The guidebooks and ACA maps will have accurate camping and lodging recommendations, so depending on your daily pace and number of stops throughout the day, you can plan accordingly. The GDMBR passes through some larger towns, including Helena and Butte, Montana, Pinedale and Rawlins, Wyoming, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Salida, and Del Norte, Colorado, and Grants and Silver City, New Mexico. There are quite a few options for lodging through WarmShowers.org along the route. Out of nowhere, Elaine was laid off from her job at a bike … Better safe than sorry. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. The Tetons, from the road to Jackson Hole. The route has been designed to provide a riding experience primarily on very low trafficked roads through mostly undeveloped areas of the Rocky Mountains. Women: Caroline Soong – 22:09:59, Men: Ollie Whalley (R) – 16:02:54 Die Great Divide Mountainbike Route Bei diesem Aufenthalt in Amerika wollte ich die Rocky Mountains kennen lernen. When I came out of the store, I found that somebody put some money on my bike, how nice. It is published by Cycle Adventures in a series of 5 maps designed for mountain bikes (bicycles). Read more here. Originally published in The Bikepacking Journal 03, Ditibised is Alexandera Houchin’s extraordinary story of training for the Tour Divide, framed in four seasons…. Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North America's Premier Long-Distance Mountain Bike Route, 2nd Edition [McCoy, Michael, Adventure Cycling Association] on Amazon.com. We were pretty spot on with our assessment but overlooked the monsoon season in New Mexico. 60 ft. Altitude min. Use caution. Changes to Kanasakis Lakes Provincial Park Road instead of bike path through park. Expert: 0%. "The Great Divide" organised by Bike-Adventures LLC PO Box 423 Aspen, Colorado 81612, USA T: (+1) 970 319 3579 W: www.the-great-divide.com E: info@the-great-divide.com This route starts in Banff AB Canada … The entire route is basically dirt-road and mountain-pass riding every day. Women: Bethany Dunne – 19:02:37, Men: Mike Hall – 13:22:51 No description for Great Divide Bike Path trail has been added yet! Tip: The Diagnus well in the GB is really easy to miss. The trail closely follows the Great Divide between Alberta and British Columbia, crossing the divide more than 30 times. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions. 2,709 ft. Altitude start. If you go this route, reserve in advance, because the lodging in town is not cheap! Expedition Bike Racing at it's finest Great Divide Mountain Bike Route One Stage: 2745mi / 4418km Self-Supported Racing Great Continental Divide Mountain Bike Race 13th of June, 2014. Grade. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, mapped by the American Cycling Association stretches for 2766 miles from Banff, Alberta to the Mexico border. Mostly dirt roads, a little pavement, some single track, and 100% adventure await on the great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is a 3,083.8 mi (4,962.9 km), off-road bicycle touring route between Jasper, Alberta, Canada and Antelope Wells, New Mexico, USA. During the Divide you’ll be faced with plenty of long stretches where there are limited to no supplies. You will pass some small lakes as you approach the Lake O’hara Road, where bikes are not permitted. Much of the route passes through BLM, national parks, and dedicated wilderness. Also, if places along the route experienced heavy snow that season, the rivers and streams may be much higher than normal. Click the link below to find out how to start. Great Divide Bike Path is a 8 km less popular white paved path trail located near Lake Louise Alberta. It includes several alternate sections not sanctioned by ACA but required by the TD event, including a route that skips Rawlins, WY, instead using the town of Wamsutter for resupply. If you follow the ACA mapset, you will get a good idea of where you need to pack extra supplies. Need to Know: For maps and trip planning advice, visit the Adventure Cycling Association online. Michael McCoy’s Cycling the Great Divide guidebook. Bike the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, an off-pavement route that crisscrosses the Continental Divide for 2,768 miles from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.