The bear leans up against the slanted branch and moves its legs at a high speed to 'scratch … 584 rumbles. Bear will strip a tree like this if it is rotten and there are lots of bugs underneath the bark, but generally you see this in the fall, not this far into winter, and it is more often stumps and rotten trees. The scratch marks going perpendicular to the tree trunk make it less likely to be bear, deer, or elk. Occurred on November 14, 2020 / Sperryville, Virginia, USA Info from Licensor: "We were driving off of 522 in Virginia coming from Luray and saw the bear on the side of the road in the tree." Subscribe Share. Grizzly bears that rub their backs against trees aren’t trying to scratch that unbearable itch. Entertainment & Culture. To illustrate this, place one end of a straight edge at the base of the big toe, and line the straight edge with the front of the foot pad. Facebook; Twitter; Stumble. Bear Scratches Butt on Tree Top. They’re actually doing it to communicate with each other, one scientist says. The Washington Forestry Protection Association estimates that a single foraging black bear can peel bark from as many as 70 young trees a day. Nov 15, 2020. European brown bear (Ursus arctos) rubbing its back against tree in forest. OKay, help me out here, I have a huge alder tree and the other day I woke up to find very deep scratch marks on it, they went almost 5 feet up the tree I sent a picture to the wildlife fed, they said it wasnt a bear, cougar, raccon . A black bear in Washington state was captured on video doing just that against a tree. Black bear tracks tend to have the toes slightly separated, whereas grizzly tracks show toes that are usually joined together. While porcupine can damage healthy trees, the biggest source tree damage in Washington State, especially in young trees, comes from black bears. Share On Facebook Share On Twitter. Bear Scratches Butt on Tree Top. You know how fantastic it feels when you finally scratch an itch that's just out of reach? (WKTV/NBC News) A teen reported missing Tuesday evening says she was stuck in a tree overnight after encountering a bear while out for a run. Brown bear is taking care of the itch against the tree trunk. Captive brown bear (ursus arctos) scratching on post at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center; Portage, Alaska, USA. Rachel … A Cinnamon Bear scratches his back on a tree trunk. Rumble / Wild Wildlife — Occurred on November 14, 2020 / Sperryville, Virginia, USA. This is the moment a 'dancing' black bear scratches its back on a thin tree in Washington State. Also, the arc of the toes is greater in black bears. Embed Share. ViralHog Published November 15, 2020 785 Views $0.14 earned.

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